Laser Sights for Handguns are the latest product

The series of laser pointer Mini 5mW Red will be on display at the ANZCOP Conference in Adelaide, South Australia from Nov 29-Dec 3rd, 2015.

The following link has further information about the conference, being held at the University of Adelaide.

Lastek, an Adelaide based laser and optics company, will have a booth at the conference, with samples of the laser module to demonstrate. Representatives from Lastek will be there to answer any questions from interested parties who attend.

The series of Laser Sights for Handguns are the latest product developed by Technologies.

Unscrew the two halves of the laser module with your fingers. Remove the laser diode assembly from out of the back half of the laser module using the needle-nosed pliers. Place the laser diode assembly down on the beach towel.

Insert the two pins of the CD 50mw Green Laser into the two holes in the laser diode assembly. Solder a conductive pin each to the two contacts on the bottom of the laser diode assembly. Let the solder cool for a minute or two.

Place the laser diode assembly back into the back half of the laser module, taking care that the two conductive pins go cleanly through the hole in the bottom of the back half of the laser module.

Insert the back half of the Green 1mW Laser Pointer pen into the flashlight, conductive pins first. Put the retaining ring back onto the flashlight. Screw the reflector back onto the flashlight.

Apply silicone paste around the laser diode assembly so that it is held firmly inside of the flashlight and against the sides of the reflector. Let the silicone paste set for 10 minutes.




Laser Sights for Handguns

Put the batteries back into the flashlight. Put the battery cap back on the flashlight. Aim the laser pointer you have made using the laser diode from a CD player at a far wall. Press the flashlight’s “On” button to project a beam of laser light on the wall.


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